Canada is the world’s second-biggest country and is blessed with a seemingly endless variety of landscapes. Spectacular mountain ranges, frozen glaciers, evergreen forests and secluded beaches can all be found here, spread across an impressive six times zones.

The terrain offers fantastic opportunities for sports and leisure activities, whether it’s skiing down Whistler’s mountains, surfing at Nova Scotia’s swells or kayaking on the South Nahanni River, Canada welcomes those with a spirit for adventure. For those seeking milder activities, a gentle afternoon at Vancouver’s Stanley Park or a leisurely swim at Prince Edward Island’s pink-sand beaches are excellent choices.

A prime global destination, Canada is well-suited to families and enjoys a stellar academic reputation – its students are consistently ranked among the top 10 countries in the world. At university level, Canada has the world’s highest proportion of working-age adults who have been through higher education.

Canada is amazingly diverse in its food, music, culture, and people. One moment you might be sipping a café au lait while enjoying a freshly-baked croissant at a bistro in Montréal, and in the next tucking into traditional udon noodles at a night market in Vancouver. The only universals are the customary Canadian hospitality and excellent manners.

Canada’s artistic and cultural identity is likewise diverse and vibrant. Important cultural landmarks include the International Fringe Theatre Festival (the second-largest of its kind in the world), Ottawa’s National Gallery, Montreal’s Jazz Festival and Toronto’s world-famous Film Festival. From Ontario’s classical Stratford Festival to the avant-garde St John’s sound symposium, there is something here to suit all tastes.

Program Advantages

Residence in a highly economically stable, democratic state

Access to affordable, world-class education

No language requirements (though knowledge of French is advantageous)

Canada enjoys some of the highest living standards in the world

Viable route to Canadian citizenship if you are able to meet the necessary requirements

Strategically located with easy access to all North American markets

Program Requirements


In order to obtain permanent residence, you must invest a minimum of CAN 1,200,000 in a subsidiary of Investissement Quebec for five years, with subsequent interest-free repayment to the applicant guaranteed by the Province of Quebec.

In addition, the applicant must have a combined net worth of not less than CAN 2,000,000 at the time of application. While not a strict requirement, knowledge of English and French is advantageous.

Program Features


Your simplest route to Canadian citizenship

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme is currently the only legitimate CBI route to acquiring Canadian citizenship. As one of the wold’s most longest-running programmes, it has garnered a world-class reputation for efficiency, transparency and reliability in its application process.

Application Timeline

Stage 01

Submit application forms

We prepare all of the required documents

Our expert processing team completes immigration forms for the main applicant and any dependent family members, and will submit these along with all supporting documentation in the applicant’s country of residence. We ensure that all documents comply with provincial requirements and arrange for certified translations into French as needed.

Stage 02

Receive interview date or interview waiver

Our team will assist with preparations

Within an average period of 12 months you will receive a notice of interview or an interview waiver. You will then be required to attend your interview (if applicable). Following the interview, successful applicants will be requested to make their investment within 110 days of approval.

Stage 03

Make your investment

Make your chosen investment

Once approved, you must invest into one of the approved investment options, such as particular subsidiaries of Investissement Quebec, to invest in for five years. Our team can advise you on qualifying investment options. All investments are guaranteed by the Province of Quebec.

Stage 04

Enter and reside in Canada

Travel to Canada within 1 year of receiving your residence

After investing, you will receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which is required to apply for permanent residence. Residence issuance takes about 12 months for applicants in North America, Western Europe and South America and 44 months for applicants in China, Macau and Hong Kong.

Stage 05

Apply for permanent residence and citizenship

If you meet the eligibility criteria

Once you have received permanent residency, you may apply for citizenship after four years, provided that you have adequate knowledge of English and/or French, lived in Canada for three years and successfully passed the Canadian citizenship tests.

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