Spanning a total area of just 200 hectares, the Principality of Monaco is amongst the world’s smallest states, second only to the Vatican. However, its diminutive size belies its importance on the world stage. Distinguished individuals have been drawn here since the early 20th century, and the Principality hosts a score of world-renowned events, including the annual Formula One Grand Prix.

With a skyline crested by towering hotels and bathed in gold sunlight, streets lined with glimmering supercars, and an impressive harbour overlooked by its world-famous casino, Monaco more than lives up to its reputation for unrestrained indulgence and luxury.

However, despite this seeming extravagance, Monaco protects its roots. Snaking its way between the towering hotel blocks is the old town retains its antique charm, with narrow streets and classical architecture offering a plethora of places to relax with a drink in hand. To see the sights, make your way to the Le Rocher, which houses the Palais Princier de Monaco – seat of power of the Principality’s reigning Grimaldi family. A visit to the oceanographic museum and the Prince’s 100-strong classic car collection are also highly recommended.

No trip to Monaco could ever be complete without a visit to the grand Casino de Monte Carlo building – Europe’s most lavish example of belle époque architecture. The casino takes its name from Prince Charles III, who spearheaded its development and in 1866, three years after the casino’s inauguration, the name ‘Monte Carlo’ – which means ‘Mount Charles’ in Ligurian, was coined in honour of the prince.

Whether your desire is to try your luck with cards, ride the azure sea in a yacht or relax on the Monte Carlo Beach Club’s artificial beach, it helps to look the part – and there are plenty of designer shops in Monte Carlo to help you do exactly that.

As a result, Monaco remains a must-visit destination in every traveller’s list – a veritable cornucopia of history, opulence and seaside living all drawn into an engrossing spectacle unique in Europe and, perhaps, the world.

Program Advantages

Fast and efficient application process

Simple and straightforward documentary requirements

No income or capital gains tax, no wealth tax and no inheritance taxes between parents and children. Monaco also has double-taxation treaties with France and Luxembourg.

Reside in one of the most prestigious locations in Europe and the world

Monaco has excellent air link through the nearby Nice airport as well as on sea and land

Program Requirements

In order to apply for a Monegasque residence permit (known as the Carte de Séjour) you must satisfy two main requirements:

Proof of accommodation

Proof of accommodation

You will be required to show purchase or lease documents for a property in Monaco


Proof of sufficient funds to reside in Monaco

Proof of sufficient funds to reside in Monaco

This is a letter issued by a Monaco-based bank confirming that you have at least EUR 1,000,000 deposited in a Monegasque bank to fund your living expenses

Program Features

Your simple and cost-efficient residence in the EU

With a simple application process and no formal investment requirements, residing in Monaco has never been simpler. Numbering among the world’s most desirable travel destinations, Monaco combines world-class entertainment with excellent dining and lifestyle. The principality also has excellent air, sea and road travel links, making it an ideal base from which to launch your European adventure – though with such a mild, warm climate year-round, you may find yourself wishing to stay a little longer…

Application Timeline

Stage 01

Apply for a Monegasque visa

If you are a NON-EU national

Non-European Union nationals who reside outside of France must first apply for a visa to live in Monaco – this is done through the French embassy of the country in which the applicant resided in the six months prior to the application. Our team will assist you with preparing all of the necessary documents and will submit the application on your behalf. Once the application has been submitted to the relevant French Consulate, it can take between 3 to 6 months to be approved.

Stage 02

Prepare living arrangements and proof of funds

Our team will be on hand to assist you

As part of the conditions for Monegasque residence, you will be required to either rent or purchase a property in your name, open a bank account with a banking institution based in Monaco and transfer the funds you intend to use to maintain your life in Monaco. Our processing team will be on hand to assist you with bank account opening and property searches.

Stage 03

Enter Monaco and apply for a Carte de Séjour

This will be your residence permit

Once you receive your visa, you will be able to enter Monaco and apply to the Monegasque authorities (Residents Section of the Directorate of Public Security) for a Carte de Séjour. This is done locally in Monaco and all applications must be submitted within 8 days of arrival in the Principality. Our processing team will work with you to ensure that you are able to satisfy all documentary and legal requirements before applying and can assist you with property acquisitions as needed.

Stage 04

Receive your Carte de Séjour

Renew your residence permit as necessary

Congratulations! You may now freely reside in Monaco. During the first three years, the Carte de Séjour must be renewed annually; the 4th, 5th and 6th Carte de Séjour is valid for 3 years and the 7th and beyond are all valid for 10 years. To renew the Carte de Séjour, you must demonstrate that you have made Monaco your main home, and a minimum physical presence is required.

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