Splendid Medieval castles, quaint villages, vibrant cities and golden beaches – Portugal is all of these and more. Home to a rich history and longstanding traditions, Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians alike have contributed to the development of the Iberian nation.

Portugal’s varying landscape provides a wealth of spectacular views: bright-coloured castles gaze over sheer granite cliffs as azure surf breaks over 800km of sun-kissed coast. Dolphins frolic in the lush Sado Estuary while elegant vineyards nestle within fertile mountain valleys.

Perfectly in tune with their colourful buildings, the Portuguese are are a jubilant, vibrant people. The local calendar is packed with food, drink and dance in grand festivities such as Lisbon’s Festa de Santo António and Porto’s Festa de São João. For those wishing for an authentic experience outside of Portugal’s bustling cities, the pauliteiros (stick dancers) of Miranda do Douro will prove a fascinating musical tradition.

A longstanding member of the EU, Portugal is also member of the Schengen area of 26 European states and has been using the Euro as its currency since 2002. While Portugal is in the process of shifting itself towards business services, a third of its economy currently remains in manufacturing. It is the world’s largest supplier of cork and enjoys the benefits of a strong tourism industry.

Whether it is its simple, delicious meals, wonderful climate, welcoming locals or beautiful views, Portugal has much to offer to those that choose to make it their second home.

Program Advantages

Freedom of movement to all Schengen member countries

Fast application process

Family members may apply along with the main applicant to enjoy all of the benefits of the program

Applicants are eligible for Portuguese citizenship following six years of continuous residence (additional requirements apply)

Recoverable investment options available

Portugal offers an affordable, peaceful lifestyle set in a mild climate with the warmest winter in continental Europe

Applicants are required to spend only 35 days in total over a five-year period

Portugal has a stable political environment with a democratically elected government

Program Requirements

Applicants are required to select from the following options in order to qualify for Portuguese residence:

Option 1

Option 1

Investment of EUR 350,000 in approved research activities, national heritage projects or the arts.

Option 2

Option 2

EUR 500,000 in property to be held for a minimum of five years (EUR 350,000 if selected property is located in specifically designated urban regeneration zones)

Option 3

Option 3

Investment of EUR 250,000 in Government-designated venture capital funds for five years

Program Features

Your gateway to Europe

The Golden Visa programme is a viable way of residing in Europe with the opportunity to acquire Portuguese citizenship if you are able to meet the relevant criteria. For details, please get in touch with our team.

Application Timeline

Stage 01

Select your investment

Our team takes care of all preparations ahead of your investment

Our expert team will consult with you regarding your preferred investment option and will arrange viewings and/or account opening as necessary.

Stage 02

Submit application

Along with documents and fees

Our processing team will assist you with gathering and submitting a completed application pack including specific government forms, copies of key personal documents and required financial information.

Stage 03

Receive one-year residence

This is the initial term of your Portuguese residence

Upon approval of your Golden Visa application, you will be issued with a residence permit for an initial period of one year. The entire process can be concluded in as little as two to three months.

Stage 04

Renew residence permit

Upon expiry of your one-year residence card

After the first year of the Golden Visa Programme, you can renew your residence for two-year periods indefinitely. Our processing team will continue to assist you.

Stage 05

Route to Portuguese citizenship

Eligibility to apply for Portuguese citizenship

After five years of permanent residence, you may be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship if you meet the residence and language requirements.

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