Warm and generous as it is friendly and refreshing, Thailand combines the best of gracious hospitality with a rich, vibrant culture and friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Famous for its cuisine as well as its lush climate and sandy beaches, Thailand sits at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula and is one of the most visited countries in the world. Home to a rapidly growing economy, Thailand is 20th-largest country in the world by GDP, with agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism among its leading industries.

Not only blessed with a rich culture and long history, the Thai people are also deeply spiritual – gilded temples and gleaming Buddhas dot the land in modern cities and rural villages alike. Ancient banyan trees are lovingly wrapped in blessed cloth to honour local spirits, small personal shrines decorate everything from humble homes to grand shopping malls, while garland-encrusted traffic signs guide motorists in Bangkok’s busy streets.

Escape from the bustling cities, and you will come upon a verdant tropical countryside. Tracts of jungle are interspersed with traditional rice paddies and ancient villages. In the north, the emerald sea of vegetation brushes up against blue mountains and crystal waterfalls. In the south, limestone cliffs rise out of the greenery like ancient guardians.

The Thai Elite Visa provides enviable flexibility, offering applicants the right to settle for up to 20 years and a wide selection of premium client services ranging including exclusive member contact centres, concierge assistance and luxury airport services.

Program Advantages

Fast and efficient application process

Government concierge assistance settling in Thailand, special discounts and benefits at hotels, restaurants and 24 hour hotline available in several languages

No minimum residence requirement

Flexible membership options with visa length varying from 5 to 20 years allows you to tailor to your needs

No tax on foreign income for tax-residents, only on what is remitted to Thailand

Simple and low membership fees compared to similar residence programmes

Exclusive VIP service at Thai airports, including expedited passport-control processing, limousine services and access to airport lounge

Program Requirements

Option 1

Option 1

THB 500,000
Membership Fee Elite Easy Access

Option 2

Option 2

THB 800,000
Membership Fee Elite Family Excursion Elite or Family Alternative

Option 3

Option 3

THB 1,000,000
Membership Fee Elite Privilege Access Elite or Superiority Extension

Option 4

Option 4

THB 2,140,000
Membership Fee Elite Ultimate Privilege

Program Features


A flexible and cost-efficient residence solution

The Thai Elite Visa offers a variety of membership options depending on the level of service you desire, the length of residence you require and is renewable indefinitely. It is currently the most flexible program of its kind in the world, and the included concierge services will ensure that your stay in Thailand will always be a rich and memorable experience.

Application Timeline

Stage 01

Select your investment

From the available Elite Visa options

Select your Elite Visa option based on your budget and travel preferences. Our advisors can discuss the available options with you in order to ensure that you select an option that best suits your goals.

Stage 02

Submit your application

Our team prepares and submits your documents

The application and supporting documentation are submitted for processing and due diligence.

Stage 03

Receive approval for your residence permit

Make payment and receive your Elite Visa

Once your application has been approved, you will be required to make payment on your selected option. Once your payment has been processed, you will be issued with your Thai Elite visa.

Stage 04

All done!

Provide notice before travel if picking up visa at a Thai airport

Enjoy your Thai Elite visa! Make sure to give 7 days’ notice if you are picking up your visa at a designated airport prior to travelling to Thailand.

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